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May 29, 2009

Hey....................I'm back! Yeah I know, long time between updates but that's what happens when you're busing writing and recording music. Anyway, in a nutshell, wrote-recorded-mixed-mastered the Believer " Gabriel" album...got released March 17th 2009 via Cesspool Recordings/ Metal Blade records.....did and continue to do a lot of press....built a rehearsal studio at Kurts house......constant rehearsing for LIVE.....lots of cutting the grass.....eating...sleeping...working..........and on and on and on. Thanx to all of our FANS both old and new for the GREAT response on the new record. We are so excited to get out and play live, it's gonna be a blast with the new lineup. You can keep updated about upcoming shows and all other info at www.believerband.net <http://www.believerband.net>  and www.myspace.com/believerband <http://www.myspace.com/believerband> . Obviously someone else runs those sites cause they are often updated,ha-ha-ha. Jeff and I are working on revamping my site with a new look and some added extras.....new drums? a look at my lovely pipe collection? grass cutting techniques from our new guitar player Kevin? You never know what you may find here..............................................................later,        Joey

November 12 , 2007

As most of you know by now, the official Believer Myspace page is up and running. We hope you get a chance to check it out at myspace.com/believerband.

Kurt and I are currently in the rehearsal mode for the official recording due to start mid November. Since Metal Mind Productions is re-releasing all three Believer records (read the press release here), we thought it would be cool to make a limited edition T-shirt for each one. All three T-shirts are available now.

I must say that from the response of everyone on our myspace page Kurt and I are extremely stoked for you, fans, to hear the new record. You guys are truly the best fans ever! Many, many thanks.

In Fountain of Tears news, we are continuing the promotion of the,"Fate" album. Vonnie has just done an interview with a French online magazine and other press is being done as well. Due to my invovement with Believer, FoT rehearsals have slowed but will resume soon. Along with working on ideas for touring in 2008 with FoT, I am also twisting Kurts arm to get out and tour for the new Believer album. It should be a very busy 2008!

Well, as always, thank you for all your support in my musical endeavors.



PS. If you prog heads don't have the new Sieges Even, Paramount, it's a must, BUY IT!!!!!!!!

September 7, 2007

It's time for some more Believer info, folks! It's official: Kurt and I have just finished tracking drums and guitars for 5 new songs for pre-production.  We are now back to focusing on writing as well as adding bass, vocals, etc. to the recorded tracks.

We are currently laying out our Myspace page and should be online in the middle of September, so look out for it.

Our goal with the new record is to give the hardcore fans the Believer that they know and love and also gain some new fans. We feel that so far we're meeting that goal. Believer has always tried to add new elements on each recording and we will do so on this one, too.

Even though pre-production is taking place at Trauma Studios, for our writing sessions we have been doin' it old school at Kurt's new house . . . analog cassette 4 track, portable  DAT player, unfinished basement, random carpet laying around and so on.

A quick note on my drum carpet . . . Kurt and I are somewhat superstitious and don't want to change anything due to the tunes flowing along, but the cat has taken a liking to it and has been pissing and droppin deuces on it. We just can't seem to change ANYTHING! It is quite nasty back there but it must be helping somehow with the writing, ha-ha. As always, thanx for the support.


June 24, 2007

Hey folks, I know it's been a while but here is some info for ya. Fountain Of Tears has inked a distro deal with Nightmare Records. We are very excited to work with Lance King and to get the disc out worldwide. Also, we are working on concepts for an upcoming video shoot. As for live shows, we hope to get out later this year. Keep your eyes open.

I want to clear something up about Fountain of Tears. For those of you not familiar with the band, people label our music as goth, progressive metal/rock, symphonic metal, atmospheric, etc. My work with FoT stems from a passion I have for progressive music. The FoT CD is what it is, and the end product is what we were shooting for as a band. That is who we are. I don't want to disappoint people looking for something just like Believer, but Fountain of Tears is another facet of who I am as a musician.

In Believer news, Kurt and I have been on a solid schedule writing and recording songs and ideas. We are looking to set up a myspace page and get some clips up sometime this summer. That's about it for now, but keep checkin in, and as always -- thanx for the support.


February 9 , 2007

Hey everyone. Just checking in to let you know that we're streaming the new Fountain of Tears disc on the FoT web site until Tuesday when the album is released. The feedback is already starting to come in. Here's the word from Kurt and Rocky.

"Working on the FOT record was an amazing experience. Not only did I get to work with Joey again in the studio, the tunes and the musicianship far surpassed my expectations. This is a record that will appeal to both tech-heads and general music lovers. I'm just happy that I could play a small part in bringing these tunes to life. I hope you enjoy listening to FOT as much as I enjoyed working with them on this project."
Kurt Bachman/Believer

"Melodic female fronted metal with one of the best drummers ever, Gotta love it!"
Rocky Gray/Evanescence

You still have a few days left to pre-order before the release on the 13th.



January 3, 2007

Happy New Year to everyone! Well, the release of the Fountain of Tears disc is quickly approaching. If you haven’t seen or heard by now, February 13th is the official release date for our first full length album, ”Fate”. We are totally stoked to get it out to you so we can get your feedback on what we feel is our heart and soul.

The album is available for pre-order now on FountainOfTears.com. Also, the cover art and track listing have been posted on the site and in the next couple of days our first single, “ What Lies Ahead”, will be posted in its entirety and available for download.

On the Believer front, due to some changes within the “Bachman” camp, we have not made much progress recently but will resume writing when things clear up. Kurt and I are looking forward to getting on a more steady schedule to crank out some tunes.

Having said that, Jeff King and I have been using the time available to write more songs for our ” Year of Plenty” project. It has been a very creative process and we are really enjoying ourselves. Jeff, being a fan of odd meters and crazy riffs, has written some very interesting stuff that I feel the Believer fan could enjoy.

That’s about it for now but don’t forget to check out FountainOfTears.com and myspace.com/fountainoftears. Oh yeah, soon we will also be blowing out our old FoT shirts for cheap, so keep checking the site.   



November 4, 2006

The Fountain of Tears disc is currently being mastered at FineTune in The Netherlands (Stream of Passion, Symphony X, Epica, Deadsoul Tribe, etc.) We are extremely happy with the recording. You can stay posted and also pre-order the CD by checking out Fountain of Tears.com and myspace.com/fountainoftears.


August 11, 2006

MIXING IS DONE!!! The mixing of the Fountain of Tears disc,” FATE”, has finally come to an end. Jeff and I are currently working on the editing of interludes and the playlist. Here is the tracklisting of the disc in no certain order:

With My Fears
Forever Lost
What Lies Ahead

I am looking forward to getting back to working with Kurt on the Believer front. While mixing the FoT disc, we had talked about song and production ideas and we came up with some good stuff. I would love to get some clips up within the next couple months but you all know that things just don’t seem to work fast with me, ha-ha. Seriously though, as soon as we can possibly get anything up we will. Thanx for checkin in.


March 24 , 2006

Fountain of Tears will start playing select shows again. The first show will be for a night of female fronted bands at the Pirates Den in Gloucester, NJ on April 8.

As far as the FoT disc goes, we are currently in the final mix process. Kurt joined us at the studio and we actually mixed two songs that are totally killer. It was like old times in there with all the smartass remarks of how much I suck as a drummer and how much of a wanna-be Kurt is…. it was all good.

Unfortunately we are only able to block out certain times at the studio, so the mixing is taking longer than we thought but the end result, I feel, will be well worth the wait. With all of this being said, it has left not much time for Kurt and I to work on the new Believer stuff. We are looking into sending ideas back and forth via the internet, which could keep the writing process moving.

Sacrifice, one of the greatest bands ever as well as a musical influence and our friends, will be doing a reunion show in September in Toronto. I will be doing everything in my power to attend this incredible event! That’s about it for now, talk to ya soon (or not so soon, as seems to be the case….ha,ha,ha)     


December 16, 2005

Hey folks. Again, I must apologize for the long time lapse between entries. I’ve been busy laying out the playlist for the Fountain of Tears disc. We are planning for an early 2006 independent release, even though we’re still shopping it around. The disc will be titled Fate, and up to this point the title fits perfectly. Over the process of recording this album we have been thrown many curve balls. Whether it was equipment problems, health issues, family issues, deaths……you name it, we still pressed on. I feel this disc, from start to finish, will be a reflection of the journey we've gone through and I feel it can be enjoyed by people of all musical tastes. Another aspect I am excited about is getting Kurt Bachman involved in the production. Yes, the Trauma Team will be back in action to do some production work on the Fountain of Tears disc along with Engineer/Producer, Jim Bottari. We are currently making notes and preparing for mixing.

On the Believer front, I just burned a disc of some rough tracks for Kurt to finalize some parts on and I also gave him some lyric ideas. We are still making progress, slowly but you take what you can.

Finally, the new Sieges Even is out on InsideOut Records! The title is The Art of Navigating By the Stars. It RULES! I have appreciated their music and Alex Holzwarth’s drumming for a long time, and it is great to see that they continue to shred. Also, the new album from an incredible band from Mexico, Elfonia, is out. This Sonic Landscape” is out on The Note Garden Records. This disc is also AMAZING! The musicianship is killer as well as the beautiful lead vocals of Marcela Bovio. These would be great Christmas gifts for the prog rock/metal fans in your household. Well, until next time, bye-bye.


September 24, 2005

First, I need to apologize for the long time lapse between updates. It has been a crazy summer but it finally seems to be calming down. An end is in sight for the recording of the Fountain of Tears disc. The recording process has been somewhat drawn out, but upon listening back to some rough mixes of the songs, I feel it was well worth it. A few of the songs are floating around some labels and we are waiting to see if there is any interest there. In the meantime we are preparing for the possibility of releasing the disc ourselves. We are continuing to play some shows and plan to keep spreading the name out there when and wherever we can. We recently had the opportunity to share the stage with Therion and we hope to have more chances like this in the future.

The Believer writing is slowly moving forward. Although Dr. Bachman is quite busy, we are still putting aside time for the project. My hope is that we can get some rough recordings on the site sometime in the future so we can get your feedback on the material.

Finally, this summer I caught the Gigantour in Atlantic City. Although my main objective was to see Dream Theater, The Dillinger Escape Plan and Nevermore, it was all good! My hat goes off to the boys in Dillinger for shredding the stage. Chris Pennie was incredible to watch and listen to as were Liam and Greg – well, everyone. Upon hanging out and talking with the guys it was surprising to learn that they were into Believer, which meant so much to me coming from great musicians. I can’t say enough about Chris’s chops. The guy has got it goin’ on! I encourage all drummers to check him out. A great band and great guys!

That is all the B.S. for now. I will try to stay on top of these updates. Thanks for checking in.



June 1, 2005

Hello again, I wanted to update everyone on what is happening with all my projects.   

First off, there are some new Fountain of Tears audio clips on the FoT web site. Check 'em out and give a shout about what you think. We may be debuting another new song live at the BACA Fest on June 11th. Hope to see ya there!

Writing for Year of Plenty is moving along very nicely. Hopefully within the next month or so there will be some audio clips up on this site. There will be a YOP web site down the road but for now we just want to spend time on writing and recording.

Finally, Kurt and I got together recently and finished up our first new Believer tune! And there are two other tunes in process. We are both enjoying writing and we like the direction the material is going. Due to all that is going on with our schedules, it is difficult to get together a lot. However, we will continue to put time aside for this project. One last thing, if anyone has or knows anyone who has any bootlegged Believer concerts or footage of the band please get in touch with me. We are trying to gather this for a possible DVD.



May 5 , 2005

To Believer fans:
A Message from Kurt Bachman

It has recently been directed to our attention that re-releases of Sanity Obscure and Dimensions from Retroactive Records contain “bonus material” in the forms of demo tracks and bootlegged live material.  Joey and I have never given our permission to use this material on these re-releases and were quite upset when we heard this news. 

We have always prided ourselves in releasing to our devoted and deserving fans only the best sounding recordings of Believer tunes that we could produce.  We also put together records that we feel are “complete” works for that particular time in our musical lives.  The idea of cramming on “bonus” tracks that sound awful at the end of re-releases for the purpose of making a “new” product to generate sales really pisses us off.  Sanity Obscure ENDS with Like A Song, Dimensions ENDS with “Take care we love you, bye bye.”  Not with some old recording that doesn’t belong. 

We are currently looking into this situation to ensure that this doesn’t happen again and hope that these add-ons don’t leave an undesired impression in your musical minds.

Kurt Bachman

April 1, 2005

Hi everyone, thanx for stopping by the site. I am still working on some things but it has been fun putting it together. Hope you enjoy it!

Currently, I am working on the new Fountain of Tears CD. I can't wait to get it out and hear your feedback. I am very pleased with the progress this band has made over the years and look forward to seeing you out on the road.

Also in the works is a side project I am doing with FoT keyboardist, Jeff King. The project is called "Year of Plenty" and is along the lines of Jazz/Fusion/Prog . We are having a fun time writing the songs(when FoT duties are light), and look forward to start recording soon.

Last of all, after 11 years, Kurt Bachman and I have crossed paths again and have been getting together to jam (again, when FoT duties are light) and throw around some musical ideas. Could this be the start of a long awaited Believer album? Keep posted for progress on that story. We will see what happens.

   Thanx,  Joey Daub